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Just about anything
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priyatakur · Feb 21
In bangalore escorts
Cheating, Flirting, and Jealousy
Being unfaithful? Can't stand the way they flirt? Jealous? Discuss your experiences here.
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Kingang · Feb 24
In The spots were decided by the amount of touchdowns
How to make a good impression on dates?
There is no second chance for first impression so if you want to be call for more dates you have to make the first one count. What's your take?
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Kingang · Feb 24
In I also felt like dribbling and ball motion proved
Post Something That Made You Happy Today
So I figure this is something that would be good for us to have here. Just us posting something-anything- that made us happy today. Small or large
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Kingang · Feb 24
In If thats the case then try and get a Black Mask/Slayer Helmet
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