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Distance Relationships
How To Make Long-Distance Relationships Work?
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tancheng · Jun 23
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One Night Stand
'one night stand' sex confessions
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genzedu · 3 hours ago
In ⁣Analyzing the 1983 Blue Jays drafts
Do African women make good wives for white men?
Apparently, because research shows that statistically the White male/Black female marriage is by far the most likely to last. What do you think?
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wickedeyes · May 30
In ⁣Golden Goose Sneakers
I am interested in marrying a white lady. What should I do?
Just chat here with that white woman you want. She'll chat with you or she won't. Stick with her until you start having crazy feelings for her. Marry her, have kids, and get fat. The End.
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geemong · Jun 10
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Worst guy ever?
Congratulations for getting involved with a guy who ranks so highly on the loser scale. Lets hear your experience and warnings!!?
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wickedeyes · May 30
In WOW made its revolutionary introduction
Can serious relationship come out of a one night sex?
Most times people go in for a quickie and get hooked when they don't expect . What is your own experience?
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geemong · Jun 21
In ⁣Eto'o admits tax fraud while signed to Barcelona
Are relationship easier for extremely beautiful and sexy women?
Attracted, Dates, Sex, Marriage
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wickedeyes · May 30
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