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But what happens when the outsiders who manufacture the kind of cool that gets co-opted become the establishment? Without the friction of the unexpected, what direction will fashion head in? There's no doubt Abloh will breathe some fresh cool air into the line. Louis Vuitton has Off White Long Shirts always been a covetable brand but it's about to get hype.

You can order a few pairs for yourself on WarbyParker.com, or check out the line in person at select Off-White stores. (Psst: If you're in SoHo tonight at 6 PM, Abloh himself will be at the Greene Street location to sign purchases!)

In short, the long and short of the sleeve trend is that there is no short of it. Nor is there any shortage of it. And it will be a long while before we see our hands again. According to Frances McSherry, fashion historian at Boston's Northeastern University, there are many historical precedents for the extra-long sleeve. "The 12th- and 13th-century kirtles, cotes and surcotes had long sleeves that signified the wearers were of higher status because they could afford more fabric and a better tailor," she says. Off White Hoodie

Abloh's appointment follows a talk he gave last summer to the RCA community called "A lecture on potential Off White Jackets solutions, ideas on race in areas of art, design and current culture based on experiences." The RCA called it a "highlight for many of our students studying during an uncertain time."

"Most of the creative decisions were made in the first three hours, while actual design and iteration took two to three days," Virgil recalled. "The Jordan I was done in one design session. I work in a very like dream-like state. I see it, and it's done."

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