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jacksonza Jun 29

Indonesia faces COVID-19 The Delta (Indian) strain is more contagious than other strains. As a result, new infections were found to skyrocket. The Indonesian authorities found new cases of infected cattle bail on 27 June 64 -19 more than 20 694 deaths, making the body an additional 423 cumulative HIV infectionsintomore than 2.1 million cases and 57,561 deaths already dead

inside.Wall Street Journal website Indonesian Medical Association Report: Doctors in Indonesia Die of COVID-19 In June 2021, 26 bodies were found, among which At least 10 doctors who have died have received two of Sinovac's vaccinations againstCOVID-19 ,

Dr. Adam Kumaidi, head of the COVID-19 Mitigation Committee. The Indonesian Medical Association's official said it was currently investigating the vaccination status of another 16 doctors. Over a five-month period, at least 20 doctors in Indonesia received vaccinations.Sinovac vaccinedoses, completes 2dies from COVID-19 This accounts for one in five Indonesian doctors who die of COVID-19. During this time,

however, epidemiologists are of the opinion that the deaths of Indonesian doctors even after being vaccinated against COVID-19 require a proper investigation to determine the factors. that led to the deaths of these doctors. After being infected with COVID-19, such as hospital care or chronic disease that is a major contributor to death or not

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