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jacksonza Jul 2

a heat wavethe Canadian 49 degrees aboveHotkilled nearly500, while the official bodies need to accelerate the evacuation of thousands flee wildfires spread as broadly.

historic heat wave that covered both Canada and the United States. Resulting in the deaths of about 100 people in the western United States and deaths in British Columbia. and Canada, nearly 500 more, most of them are elderly people. Which is still in the process of investigating whether the cause is caused by the heat directly or not

The highest temperature soared to 121 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 49.6 degrees Celsius, this week. which hit a record high in Canada Causing many areas to try to cool down by bringing water trucks to spray water to cool down by the playground including various animal farms Temperatures are expected to hit record-breaking peaks in the next few days asthe heatwavewill continue to move east into central Canada.

Heatwaves are also causing catastrophic wildfires in Canada. More than 90 percent of the town of Lytton, about 250 kilometers (250 miles) northeast of Vancouver, burned. Many homes were destroyed by wildfires. Until the need to order the evacuation of more than 1,000 people from the area. In British Columbia, as many as 62 wildfires have been reported in the past 24 hours. But there have been no reports of injuries or deaths in the wildfires.

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