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zx1314 Dec 16 '21

Buy New Jordans, Nike Air Force 1, which was born in 1982, has been on sale for nearly 40 years, but with the addition of new elements and new designs, it has still become one of the must-have items for countless trendy players. The whole pair of shoes are presented in leather and fabric materials, which look like silk uppers. The texture is very good. With the pink-covered shoe body, it is definitely a secret weapon for many young ladies to wear. The biggest highlight of the whole pair of shoes is the Nike lettering on the upper and the silk laces, which invisibly add a lot of play to this new pair. The insole flower body Nike Logo, the eye-catching tongue label, and the smooth silk lining create a very eye-catching visual effect. At the same time, I believe it will also bring a good putting on and taking off experience. The exquisite heel embroidery and pink stitching in the midsole further echo the color theme of the entire pair of shoes.
New Jordans Retro, To celebrate the upcoming Voodoo festival on January 10th, Nike revealed a Blazer Mid shoe with a "Voodoo" doll. The shoe body adopts asymmetrical design inside and outside, supplemented by off-white tear-resistant nylon, canvas and suede leather. The splicing parts are connected by coarse cotton stitching, and white buttons are added to the outside of the upper to restore the assembly process of the "Voodoo" doll. Take a closer look at the doll's head and body, which are jointly constructed with NI and KE, and the feet are also printed with Nike Swoosh to create a playful temperament. The word "LOVE" is embroidered with gold thread on the heel, conveying the mysterious magic of "Voodoo Doll" with care, protection and healing.
Latest Nike Jordan Sneakers, With his extraordinary musical talent and unique style of dressing, Billie Eilish has become one of the hottest singers in recent years. Billie Eilish once again collaborated with Nike to bring a new style of Air Force 1 High. The whole pair of shoes is made of high-grade suede material, and the whole body is light khaki-colored, and the visual effect is simple and advanced. The shoe body covered with multiple velcro is a highlight, and the exaggerated shape recognition is first-class. The metal shoelace buckle has changed from the traditional Nike Logo to Bi Li's own high and low shoulder stickman logo, presenting Bi Li's personal elements in a low-key manner. Tear off the insole and you can see that the midsole is printed with It's hard to stop it once it starts, and the shoe box is also printed with the high and low shoulder stickman Logo, and multiple details embellishment to show the identity of the shoe.

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