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Lynzcollier VIP
Lynzcollier Jul 18 '19
Hi everyone,
Recently I discovered my fiance of one year had received a fully naked photo from an ex. He responded to her by saying she’s hot and after finding out she will be visiting our area said he’d take her to dinner. Over the next few days she sent other photos and he said he was excited by them. He then met up with her twice and the last text message to her was ‘let’s keep in touch and see where the cards fall’.

This occurred back in January and it is now July. I only found the messages now. They continued to text however nothing sexual... much more from her and platonic responses from him. Last message a week ago.

I asked him about it and he said nothing sexual happened, she is an old ex Girlfriend that was visiting. He said he just got a thrill from the naked photo. He mentioned men behave like this and I am exaggerating. After talking about how it was disrespectful he apologized and said he didn’t want to break up and thinks i am overreacting.

what your advice? do you think i am overreacting? what would you do?

OpenMindedMan VIP
OpenMindedMan Jan 11
I know this is an old post, however I will let you know what I think about it.

First of all you were not exaggerating nor overreacting. It would be helpful if you could figure out if they had sexual relations when they met. Two things could happened: 1 - when they met he got conscience that it is stupid to put a stable relationship at risk for something that did not worked before. 2 - when they met they had sex and he even put in question if that relationship could work (justifying the lets see were the cards fall) but passed the excitement of being with her once more he chose to keep the distance (justifying the platonic responses).
It passed long time like I said in beginning and for sure the situation is already solved somehow. But in the end of course the decision of "what to do" could only be yours. Many things have a proper weight in your decisions, and no other persons shall decide for you...

Sarahhobson VIP
Sarahhobson Jan 21
I think you are right ''OpenMindedMan and i also do hope it has been settle and move pass
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