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Sarahhobson VIP
Sarahhobson Mar 5 '19
Firstly, I think it is always a wonderful and interesting thing to meet people of different race or culture. And so far looking general at the interracial relationships/ marriages i can definitely say it is working really well for people around the world. As for african women making good wives for white men, i also think they do because most african are taught already of the importance of making a good housewife cuz their tradition requires it. So one of the first thing she is eager to do is make a good wife for her husband whether he is black or white. And a friend once said "Once you go black you never go back" hahahaha so i believe they do make great wives
Anastasia VIP
Anastasia Mar 5 '19
Hi sarah,

I am afraid that was before but now most african women are only concern of how they can benefit from being in a relationship with a white guy.

halesy VIP
halesy Mar 6 '19
Black women are beautiful and feminine. Also they have nice hear and smile. I think they make good wives!
Sarahhobson VIP
Sarahhobson Mar 6 '19
You are right Halesy
binspireme VIP
binspireme Mar 11 '19
Yes they do, most black women understands the important of being a household wife which makes them prioritize their relationships and partners and they also have great physique that a lot of us men desire.
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