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There's much less inflation once the admins are selling the gold and also have an actual interest in preventing robots and/or multiboxers from farming it.

Admins of just wow classic gold one enormous pserver were captured selling gold/ranks. It got ruined after this, shutting down their income for a while. I think it's not all of the other pservers"didn't get caught" - that they simply don't do so, it is too risky. There are ways to profit a pserver without alienating the playerbase from the most shady stuff.

Ye, I might be idealistic, but I really do believe there exist adequate people. There also exist people enthusiastic about the sport. There also exist individuals who are comfortable with their business model who will not cheat for bigger gains.

I had a good time playing on pservers. Additionally, I saw the amount of effort they put into bugfixing, heart development, banning bots, overall support.The two points were always so much more active than in Classic... You really shouldn't hate on them in case you do not know the situation.

Private servers are Free and thus can ban at will.As noticed from the most upvoted comment, you don't even have to cheap classic wow gold level your character to have the ability to harvest maximum level source nodes because of some exploit or other, 

so the time and cost to get back up and running is minimal, and the total amount Blizzard earns from these accounts can also be minimal.

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