If thats the case then try and get a Black Mask/Slayer Helmet | Forum

Kingang Feb 24
Means I am only about the get 99 woodcutting I am sick of doing stuff, so I am probably going to do some pvp associated mini-OSRS gold games. Much like clan wars. So I am going insane from woodcutting for weeks on end. Nothing better to do after grinding then to kill off each other.

I am aware that the ss is suggested for instruction, but then the bgs is more for supervisors and pking. So I am guessing that this will turn into the ss, but like I said I have not posted in a while and needed a justification to post again:D And likely with my levels not being over 80 this will visit ss but it will not hurt to start a conversation. After I get the last 100k exp at woodcutting that I will earn some cash in blue dragons together with the whip for a small while. Thanks, and in case you've got a different suggestion of weapon just tell me.

Well I think you need to always train with Buy old school rs gold slayer, it shouldn't take too much time to get 70 in all; perhaps a few days depending on how long you perform each day. A great set-up for slayer that's fairly cheap is to use - Slayer Helm or even Neitznot (sp?)
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