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The Different Types of Blow Molding Machine

PET is a material that is usually molded into plastic containers. It is an excellent packaging material. It is light in weight, although it is strong and durable. With time, this material has turned out to be the best production material as it does not react with the drinks and foods. The companies are making use of blow Bottle Machine to deal with this material. This machine molds this material into the desired product quite efficiently.

There are several different types of blow molding, one of which is extrusion. Known as extrusion blow molding (EBM), it lives up to its namesake by extruding heated plastic into a parison. It’s a common molding process used in the manufacturing industry because of its ability to mass-produce a large volume of objects in the same size and shape.

Another common type of blow molding process is injection stretch blow molding. Using either one or two stages, injection stretch blow molding is typically used to create plastic bottles. It’s specifically effective for creating preforms of plastic bottles, which are then either sold to bottling companies or used to manufacture a bottle.

Blow Molding Technology

More and more people are becoming involved in Blow Molding. As this happens, inevitably some need a quick primer as to what kind of machine does what kind of job. What follows is an explanation of how the process works and how the particular machine types differ from one another. Generally the accumulator head machines are used to make industrial parts and the continuous extrusion machines are used to make bottles. The reciprocating screw machines are generally cross over that can make containers as well as industrial parts (mostly dairy bottles). The IBM machines are generally make health and beauty aid products as well as medical bottles. The re-heat and blow machines (both one-step and two-step) make bottles out of PET (polyethylene terephthalate). Most of the PET products are bi-axially oriented and are used to contain carbonated beverages.

The advantages of the blow molding process are the creation of a hollow part in which the molds are usually made out of aluminum (although not in the injection blow process). Aluminum is of course much softer than steel, has a much higher heat transfer value and is far easier and quicker to machine. Thus the tooling cost for the blow molding process is far less than in the injection molding process.

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