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Release: So when the game was released, the next for eve echoes isk months went by in a blink! I was hooked! This game was entertaining, and guess what, you still died in Null sec to a great many things/senariors*. Update: So the night it had been reported that Warp Gates were bugged and you were supposed to be ambushed by players this entire time, my heart sank. What? You can't AFK travel anymore? Why? And more to the point,"What the hell are you offering to counter this?" (Well EO players chimed in, scout ahead) Are you kidding me? Not a PC with 4 alts scouting for me personally. (Sure people do it, but that is not a"Phone" match or what the devs SOLD us. The ones we may need to use suddenly, or lose our connection on from time to time? Or perhaps those real life issues you mentioned we can take care of? What happen to this? So today players should watch their screen for 15-20 minutes doing"Nothing" How does this appeal to a phone user who like the devs put it"Might just have a few minutes to perform"

EVE online II: With bubbles also being inserted it is so sad to see what was cool about EVE Echoes be destroyed overnight. The Eve Online community? Couldn't be more happy, they like to garbage around new players, and Echoes was the ideal opportunity to do so.

All in all its sad to observe Echoes go from"Entertaining and easy" to"Time consuming, unitractive, hard core gate camping PVP, grind fest" that currently DOES NOT CATER TO PHONE USERS. Furthermore, the game became less fun. Personally, I lost the will to research null sec, no interest in any way. And that's even when"I watch my screen" If 30 campers zap me...did the Devs provide me some kind of counter to that? Nope.

So to the devs ill state, go ahead, add your pockets, let gate camping last. The Eve Online community will praise you, while those of us who wanted"What you offered us" was an simple, enjoyable, PHONE game. I am very excited to announce that I am officially releasing the EVE Echoes Industry Calculator! I hope that you find the sheet to be rather self explanatory. All pricing information for your sheet is pulled live from the EVE Echoes Market site.

The majority of the useful market information is handily situated at the peak of the sheet. This includes the current market price as well as calculations for feasibility of selling the part via the marketplace or direct contract. The calculator has the following features: Auto-calculation of component prices and projected market profitability. Calculations take into account all player driven abilities including reprocessing abilities, substance efficiency, and buy EVE Mobile ISK skill based tax discounts.
  • Created: Nov 9 '20
  • Admin: MMOruki
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