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OSRS gold is of course doing gangbusters

OSRS gold is of course doing gangbusters. No surprise there, the game has been doing incredibly well and everyone understands it.

I'd recommend getting cautious, however; I recall a few months ago that there were rumors that the bigwigs were beginning to seem to OSRS since the long run due to the financials, and this kind of data would actually encourage that talk.

Positive attention isn't always good.I believe with the quantity of new devs they've hired this season, as well as MikeD saying that they still want to double the size of the dev group, I would say that the direction has really understood that OSRS is their most powerful product now.(https:///...mik-varze-guide.html)

So long story short jagex should reverse the quantity of staff available for the main game into OSRS.I mean they kind of already possess. If you look at any information post, the number of mods OSRS has is sort of mad in comparison to what it was another calendar year.

I really don't know how many are specifically RS3 since a lot of mods work for the company and are shared between all jobs. Either way, I do not believe that giving buy runescape mobile gold fewer mods will help the game any since they do need more employees in areas like art than OSRS, and the last thing RS3 needs is fewer upgrades.


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