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Mut 21 coins Bengals drafted Zach Wilson

Yeah, in my present franchise using real draft classes that the Mut 21 coins Bengals drafted Zach Wilson #5 total the year after Burrow, took off a year, then drafted another QB #3 total. 3 Best five quarterbacks in 4 decades. Pretty frustrating.

They could've saved these attributes for 22. Franchise Mode isn't perfect, but this is progress we have not seen in years.i would bet money these changes dont get placed into 2022 with EAs track record.

The simple fact they had to upgrade other teams not drafting a 1st round QB ever year tells u what a joke this shit really is. Its been mentioned before but it really is sad EA can give a shit less about Franchise players. All of the ones who held them down for many, many years.

Can you play solo, or internet leagues along with other people.Playcall limits.

I love it also. Only play in one sim league and occassional spamming of plays has been always motive for heated discussion. The question is exactly what the best settings for buy Madden 21 coins those are.We are likely going to go with Limit 3 as well but stringent 2 play cooldown. Just sounds a bit even though on the shield side. We're at the stage now so we will also reevaluate in the Offseason.

That QB draft logic shit is just miserable, that shouldn't be something just getting patched by the time that the NFL season is finished. They are not gonna do shit for franchise in next years game.


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