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Right. I like the way they also claim it Madden 21 coins as the"next big" change in a collection of 3. What was the initial"large" change? This game is incomplete, full of bugs, and treats every game style like MUT. I want my own CFM to be able to possess the coin toss, challenge plays when the place is obviously incorrect, or when a participant is clearly out of bounds but it's called a completion.

But nope,"Don't worry. In online games the plays are automatically reviewed to make certain they are correct." If that's the case then your coding and animations are shit... and they're. This was only a current gripe in my league.

The whole game is broken. And so long as they continue to possess exclusivity there is nothing that's ever going to become fixed.There's enough children with parent's credit cards to purchase the game and buy mut packs.

The NFL is such a huge Brand in this state that people will buy things that are nfl regardless of quality. Just because its nfl.And so that they basically neglect every match style besides the ones where folks have to purchase additional things to enjoy an nfl experience.

I thought maybe it would get into the point where the NFL would not tolerate something with buy Mut 21 coins such a bad rating because the nfl doesn't like negativity witu their brand.But the problem is Madden makes the NFL money. And despite all the bad reviews it is not breaking up the league ticket sales or viewership. And at the close of the day that is all that the owners care about.

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