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⁣Being old enough to have been around when ROBs

ROB I Animal Crossing Bells sort of get. Being old enough to have been around when ROBs were still a reasonably common occurrence with NES's; that thing was a bit of crap and straight up didn't work for the most part. The 2 matches he worked with weren't even good on their own . It just felt weird.

You will find TONS other characters which could have filled his place very well, and IMO, a LOT more suitably. Whereas characters that individuals were hyped to get many years make for relatively unpopular characters (Simon, Banjo, Ridley, Villager, etc).

Beforehand people get so involved in the potential along with the hype. But when a character gets in, they're just another fighter at a fighting match. All that matters is them being fun and/or strong to fight since

It doesn't mean people do not /wantto perform with them. It means people /can't/ play them because otherwise they get punished by the quicker, better characters and the game is not enjoyable. Ridley was my wanted first party but he kinda sucks, so I use him from spite not cause he is good.

I actually main Ridley also! Of course it's still possible to play them. If you are saying the game isn't fun playing with a specific character, that means you don't want to play them, not that you can not. I find some MUs hard as Ridley but on a whole, he's still fun for me and I do well enough . The reason I include him on my list above isn't because I really don't like him , but because he doesn't see much representation despite being one of the top most requested characters cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells in the background of this series
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