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There are the Lunar Prisoners at Level 45 and rs 2007 gold the Level 65 Zomified Warrigors when you go into the Dungeon. Then, you'll be able to reach the level 80 Ethernals. The Ethernals wear Lunar Garbs, and carry the Lunar Staff. However, the top is replaced by redhawks.

Vampyres are like the Ethernals however they are not human. They are however magical and are only injured with the Solarus Staff. They are unable to make use of a normal weapon. The Ethernals can hit up 30 to. They are able to use range and Mage. It is important to ensure that you activate at minimum one prayer. If not, it'll be very difficult to take them down. They'll drop an Enchanted Ethernal Staff once they have been killed. Then, run through the prisoner, the warriors, and return to the ladder. The trapdoor will be reached by climbing the ladder. Then, you will be able to watch a second cut-scene.

Let's start the ceremony. Yes Master Solarus. Solarian! Ubei, Simat Simat, Carnem and Salverous! A Guardian will put an empty bowl inside the Frozen Trapdoor's bowl when it is glowing. Another Guardian kneels down and put the Dream Log into the bowl. The Second Guardian will kneel down and light the bowl using matchboxes. Then they will transform into Nightmare Logs.

Lunar Magies arrive at the shore. There's no reason to be afraid! Control your actions! Lokear shoots a ball of glowing water towards Solarus. You must take off with your leader! Guardians are all shot by Lunar Magi, and Solarian is the only one left. Solarian is the Foolish Lunar Magicians Solarian is 557 on all mages, and the majority of them die. Lokear: My...Isle...will...

Your orb will be in contact with you after the cut-scene has ended. Ethernal Communicator - I think it was a flashback to the events Lokar was telling you. Lokear was able to survive, but was seriously injured and astonishingly weak. Lokear was a wizard of a high level and was able to unravel the mysteries of Solar Isle. Lokear lives on Waterbirth Island at the highest level. If you need to contact him, I am able to transfer you to him. But, I am unable to slowly teleport you, and cheap RS gold you'll lose all the prayer points you have.
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Secret Place

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