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⁣I began playing Runescape several months ago

Advantages: (1) Runecrafters now require a variety of RuneScape gold stuff, but that isn't difficult when you consider the amount of junk available in Runescape. (2) Need courteous people. There is a chance that someone could just run through and grab all the noted items on the ground, causing a disaster to Air Running for everyone else (hopefully someone wouldn't do that). (3) Notated stuff that has been placed on the ground for too many minutes may disappear. One solution is for the Runecrafter to grab the noted stuff within a couple of minutes to ensure it doesn't disappear and then drop it back.

As I said, I'm still working out all the details... Is it possible to operate Air Running with no trade limitations? Is there any way to make this concept more practical? What Runescape "thing" is what has made your Runescape experience the most satisfying (F2P only). Let's get things rolling by starting with the Magic level 37. Teleport to Falador, Lumbridge, and Varrock (magic levels 37 33, 25 and 25 respectively). Teleportation is the best thing ever as it's the most exciting thing that Jagex has ever introduced to the game.

What F2P "thing" has enhanced/enhanced the enjoyment you get from your Runescpe playing experience? Other (Not my choices), Grand Exchange (Buy/sell). Guild. Rest feature. Jagex did a wonderful job in this. It was extremely slow to wait for run energy recharge after you reached zero run energy. In actual, hitting zero run energy was a major motivator for completing the diary of Lumbridge/Draynor.

It gave me an energy boost of 50% and I was extremely grateful for it. It was amazing to get the energy boost of just one run each day once I had achieved Lumdridge Explorer's level 1. When I received Lumbridge Explorer's level 2/3 ring, I was pleased to be able to run boost twice or three times per day (that seemed like a long time since). I would have loved it if I had begun Runescape prior to when the Rest Feature was available.

I began playing Runescape several months ago (since December 2008), with a fast internet connection which didn't cause any lag. Since September 2009, I have since experienced several occasions of delay (that last for a couple of seconds). In rare instances the lag would change into buy 2007 runescape gold a complete lock-up or automatic logout.
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