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  • trulovkis
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    Craigman created a new blog post
    Why do more Men die from Coronavirus than Women ?
    All over the world – in China, Italy, the United States and Australia – many more men than women are dying from COVID-19.
    Why? Is it genes, hormones,...
    Apr 22 '20
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    Apr 24 '20
    We are aware that the number of women actually contracting the virus is almost equal to that of men, it is just that more men are dying from it. Therefore, hand-washing discrepancies are unlikely to be the cause of increased death rates in men.
    ThomasKnight VIP
    Apr 24 '20
    Miesten is right, the Unhealthy lifestyle, men are more likely to partake in unhealthy habits, which are associated with developing chronic diseases.
    Apr 27 '20
    Behavioral factors could also be involved, One factor could be smoking rates.
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    Should I go back to my Ex Husband ?

    I was in a relationship for 8 years, which I thought were happy times. Our sex life was not very good. We only moved in together on our wedding da...
    Feb 4 '20
    Well, I think you did quite right to get of that miserable relationship. To me, it sounds hopeless and there are so many nice men in the world! I'm sure you can do better for yourself.
    Craigman VIP
    Apr 22 '20
    Focus on your inner wisdom and true self. Everything you need to Blossom is already within you. It's scary to trust your intuition or gut feelings, but in the long run you are a better indicator of good decisions than all advice in the world.
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